At the beginning was the sweater.

When Peter Lochmann founded HEMISPHERE in the middle of the 1980s, the collection initially consisted of only a few sweaters, which were sold exclusively on the German market. Over time, the company has grown steadily, and the range now extends to a perfectly coordinated women’s collection of cashmere, silk, and wool, sold in more than 15 countries.

Nepal is home to the finest scarves and shawls and also the heart of HEMISPHERE.

The Lochmann couple is eager to not only satisfy their customers but to also reinvest in the country to which they owe so much. For ten years now, HEMISPHERE has been providing financial support to Nepal, by supplying funds for an orphanage as well as the construction of a school and earthquake-proof houses. The social commitment also includes sponsorship for two children in Nepal. It is there the circle closes, just where it began 30 years ago.